The Proc Filesystem Sensor is a tool that monitor the CPU usage of cgroup via the linux's proc filesystem. It use pidstat to retreive the percentage of CPU usage of each process. It then use the /sys/fs/perf_event directory to find the appartenance of processes to cgroup.

The sensor need the cgroup version 1. The version 2 is not supported yet.


From pypi

pip install procfs-sensor

From docker

docker pull powerapi/procfs-sensor

From deb file

Download the .deb file from the latest release

Install the sensor with sudo apt install procfs-sensor-1.1.0.deb

Using the binary

You can use the compiled version of the sensor (available here)


For running the sensor, first you need to define the cgroup you want to track.

The for running the sensor you need configuration. We provide an example bellow.

  "name": "procfs_sensor",
  "verbose": true,
  "frequency": 500,
  "output": {
    "type": "socket",
    "uri": "",
    "port": 8080
  "target": ["cgroup1", "cgroup2", ...]

You can start the sensor with the following command line, depending on your installation :

  • from docker : ``docker -v ./config_file.json:/config_file.json run procfs-sensor --config_file config_file.json`
  • from pip : python -m procfs_sensor --config-file config_file.json

You can use a TCP server to retreive the reports.