Jouleit is a script that can be used to monitor energy consumption for any program.

Jouleit uses the Intel "Running Average Power Limit" (RAPL) technology that estimates power consumption of the CPU, ram and integrated GPU. This technology is available on Intel CPU since the Sandy Bridge generation(2010).


Jouleit need gawk to run. You can get the script from the github repository Start jouleit by using ./ cmd.

Flags and options

FlagDescriptionDefault value
-aprint the details of all sockets instead of the aggregationFalse
-bprint the results in the format of *KEY1;VALUE1;KEY2;VALUE2..False
-llist all the available domaines ( CPU, DRAM ..etc ) and print them in the form of a header of csv
-cPrint only the values in csv format ( value1;value2;value3), We recommend using this after running the jouleit with -l Flag to see the order of the measured valuesfalse
-s #Nmeasure only the energy of the socket #Nall the available sockets
-o filenameredirect the output and the log of the executed program in the file `filenamecurrent terminal
-n NRun the programm N times and record the measured values in data1234.csv file